Services and Products


We provide full sales/construction of our log homes. We are an authorized builder/dealer for Log Homes of America.


The following types of construction are available:

  • Do-It-Yourself with Technical Assistance
  • Dry-In Construction
  • Turn-Key Construction
  • Timber Framing Construction

Profile & Corner Pages

D Profile The “D” style is by far the most popular log profile in the log home market today, probably because the interior is flat and easy to work with. We offer this with the traditional butt and pass corner system (we mortise and tenon) or the dovetail corner, which is growing in popularity. Dimensions available: 6x8H, 6x8W, 8×8, 6×12, 8×12

Square Profile
The “chinked” square log is well received in both the east and the west. Our “log on log” design with double tongue and groove is a vast improvement over our earlier American pioneers. Traditionally, this log is hand hewn with a V-groove on the inside. Chinking and hand hewing are interior options as well. The dovetail corner is a favorite for this log. Dimensions available: 6×12, 8×12

Round/Round Profile
The round/round log is for those who prefer the rounded look on both the interior and exterior. The corner system is a mortise and tenon. Dimensions available: 6x8W, 8x8W
Full Round Profile The full round log is milled with Swedish cope. The saddle notch corner is a must for this log. Dimensions available: 8″, 10″, 12″
Beveled Profile In a neighborhood that frowns on a “log” home, we provide a beveled log that meets the exterior criteria and still creates the log home interior the homeowner desires. A post corner system might be used. Dimensions available: 6x8H, 6x8W, 8×8

Typical Package

Log Wall System

  • Kiln dried, white pine logs for exterior walls
  • Matching log siding for gables and dormers
  • Matching log siding for 12″ sub-floor band (excluding porches/decks)
  • Pre-cut corners
  • Interior corner posts (if required)
  • Window and door jam stock – 2×6

Second Floor System

  • Western Douglas fir center beams – 6x_
  • Western Douglas fir floor joists – 4×8 (32″oc)
  • Western Douglas fir posts – 6×6
  • Spruce T&G floor decking – 2×6

Roof System

  • Western Douglas fir ridge beams – 6x_
  • Western Douglas fir rafters – 4×8 (32″oc)
  • Western Douglas fir barge rafters – 2×8
  • Western red cedar fascia: 1×12 rough sawn
  • White pine T&G roof decking – 1×6
  • 7-1/4″ rigid polystyrene insulation w/ 7/16 OSB – 4×8

Porch Roof System

  • White pine carrier beams – 6×8
  • White pine posts – 6×6
  • White pine rafters – 4×8 (48″oc)
  • Spruce T&G roof decking – 2×6
  • Western red cedar fascia: 1×8 rough sawn
  • Matching log siding for porch roof kneewall


  • Butyl log sealant tape
  • Caulk
  • Oly log/log hog fasteners
  • Dovetail plywood splines
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